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Oh Yum!


I was born in DE into an old order Amish family in the early 1970's. I  was  the 6th child in a family that would grow to 11 children.

In 1976, my family moved to Tennessee where we started a Mennonite community.  It was here where we worked the land on a farm. The entire family worked hard  each day to make the farm work….and you worked hard!

For as long as I can remember – I always enjoyed serving others. Even as a  young child, I worked to serve both my siblings and my parents. It’s the caring  nature that led me to meet Emi Dickson. I was caring for her mother-in-law  who had been bedridden for 4 years. Emi and I became fast friends and in many  ways, she was a “mother figure” in my life. By observing Emi’s love and  care for people, it helped to awake the same passion in me.

I married Tad Tyler in 1995, and together we have 2 children — Mark &  Roseleigh



Through the years I worked at a cafe as head waitress for 4 years. It was  during this time where I learned a lot of customer service.

Tad worked as a vinyl  graphic installer  for major corporations. As a result, the kids and I traveled the  United States with him. We always dreamed of a good food venture that we could serve others through.

Tad had always said when his parents needed help we would go back to help them. So in June 2012, we moved to Topeka, KS so that we could help his ageing parents.

Not long after arriving in Topeka, we started working in the Downtown Topeka  Farmers Market. We initially started with a single space in April 2013. Now grown to 5 spaces at Downtown Topeka Farmers Market.

In 2017. We opened up the Kan You Say Oh Yum website to serve even more  customers.